1. "Speaking of Ayatollah Khomeini, only one of us is dead" — Salman Rushdie (at Rutgers Student Center)


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    On The Media: It feels like it’d be crazy for a news outlet to say, we don’t like the general tenor of this other outlet’s journalism, so we’ll never acknowledge their existence again. We’ll never refer to their work. They don’t exist in the world of our site. It’s a very strange policy.

    Mother Jones co-editor Clara Jeffery: Particularly for something that’s entire ethos is about openness and user-driven conversation, right? It’s not something you expect in a free society, and especially for something that prides itself as being at the bleeding edge of user driven content and First Amendment principles.

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    Cheerleader Effect: Why People Are More Beautiful in Groups

    Who should I hang out with if I want to look the most attractive? And how many of said people must I acquire?

    The basic idea of research published this week in the journal Psychological Science is that our asymmetries and disproportionalities tend to “average out” amid a group of faces, and our weird little faces are perceived as slightly less weird.

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  5. "It’s only inside a private, anonymous space, away from judgmental eyes, that people can violate orthodoxy and explore new boundaries, Greenwald argues. “The private realm is where creativity, dissent, and innovation exclusively reside,” he says. Even the most radical exhibitionist has parts of their life that they want kept hidden, he reasons. “If you eliminate that private realm, you breed conformity. When all your behavior is public, then you’re going to do the things that the society insists you do and nothing else,” Greenwald says, “and you lose so much of who you are as a human being.”"
  6. "Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!" (at Prudential New Jersey Properties - Somerset)


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    Q: Can you imagine yourself going down with just a cameraman and sound man and half a dozen people and shooting a film?

    Kubrick: Sure I can. In fact, any contemporary story is best done just that way. The only time you need vast amounts of money and a huge crew is when you require complex special effects, as in 2001, or big battle or crowd scenes, as in the Napoleon film. But if you’re just dealing with a story set in modern times, then you could do it very easily with both limited funds and a limited crew.


    Stanley Kubrick

    See that? Stanley says go make a movie. Just you and your friends.

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